Based in East Anglia

  • 1256cc Four cylinder engine
  • Four speed manual gearbox - No syncromesh in 1st gear
  • No seat belts
  • No boot space - Limited space behind seat
  • Strictly a 'Two' Seater
  • Soft Luggage 'only'
  • Available for self-drive hire

For film and photo shoot hire only

1950 - MGTD

The MGTD known as a MG Midget is 2nd from last in line from the 'T' midget series cars. It follows the 'TA' 1936, 'TB' 1939, 'TC' 1945, and the 'TD' was released in 1950. It had the 'TC' drive train with a modified rear axel and rack and pinion steering. There were nearly 30.000 MGTD's produced (with few survivors) and most were exported overseas. 1600 remained in the UK.

Our MGTD was built in 1950 and affectionally known as 'lilly' but its name before it came to us was 'Marmaduke'.

Being of 1950 vintage 'Lilly' is an old girl that requires some TLC when she is out on hire. She is not a lady that like to travel on Motorways ar 'A' roads. She much prefers the quite country roads of suffolk. Lilly is at her best on the 'B' roads on her way to the East Anglian costal towns and villages. Places like Aldbrough and Southwold are her favorite.

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